It’s true that our eyes can deceive us, even after a careful review of our written work, even after staring at it for hours, days, or even months.

We see what we intended to write, not always exactly what is right—or wrong—in front of our eyes.

Allow my eye to carefully and thoroughly proofread your words.

Let me help ensure that your written communication is letter-perfect and makes the best possible impression on your readers.



My credentials to skillfully proofread your text include fifteen years of experience in higher education and rigorous training in the art and skill of proofreading.


You can trust my thorough preparation, knack for detail, and pursuit of perfection as you submit your final written work.


I respect your privacy and the ownership of your work. Your writing will be kept strictly confidential. I will not share your files with third parties unless you authorize me to do so.

Please view my Privacy Policy.


You always remember where you were when something monumental happened. Think moon landing. I remember my first meeting with Carol pretty much the same. Projects – and reputations – can be derailed by mistakes, and Carol's keen eye keeps our agency on track. She is detailed, affordable and accommodates our timetables with a smile. Carol frequently consults outside sources to ensure all our information is correct. Her comments are relevant and insightful; I can think of few instances where I didn't defer to her suggestion. If this review is mistake-free, thank Carol. 

Joe Kelly, Kaleidoscope Marketing and Design

Carol Lytle has devoted her career to ensuring student and adult success through their written communication. I was fortunate to learn from and be mentored by her during our time together in Buena Vista University’s Career Services Office.  Alums and undergrads contacted Carol as they searched for promising careers, internships, and admission to graduate school. Carol’s meticulous attention to detail provided students with flawless résumés, cover letters, and applicant essays. Carol’s command of the language, rules of grammar, and punctuation are flawless. Her willingness to spend the time to completely comb through the written word can fully transform the hesitant written word into a compelling document worthy of publication. 

Cindy Cone, M.A. Ed., NW Iowa Student Teacher Coordinator for Iowa State University and University of Northern Iowa.

Carol Lytle is the type of resource person that anyone who writes should have access to. She is an excellent proofreader. As an adult professional who has chosen to go back to school, I have sent Carol papers after they were turned in and graded. Carol provided feedback on the errors I made, which, in turn, provided me with the tools to improve my writing skills. The wise writer will learn from her didactic approach and apply what she has identified in their future writing.

Randy Ashmore, university student