My basic proofreading rate is $.015 per word or $3-$4 per manuscript page or $25-$30 per hour at 10 pages per hour. I will provide you with an estimate before we begin. My rate will be fair and well within industry standards.

Your project may require a slightly higher rate depending on the technicality of writing, your expected turnaround time, and your request for copy editing along with proofreading.

Résumés require special expertise and are subject to a range of $20 - $40 per hour. We will become a communications team so that your résumé will showcase your skills and experience in both compelling and readable text. A complete rewrite can take eight or more hours at professional and executive levels. An accompanying cover letter is equally important and should also be reviewed for its clarity, impact, and correctness. 

Please fill out the information in the form below to contact me about one of your projects. 


Please send your file via email to info@eyeproofyourwords.com in Microsoft Word or PDF format. I prefer to proofread in Microsoft Word Track Changes, PDFs or Google Docs Suggestions. See examples:

Once completed and returned, you may review my work and accept or reject each markup individually. I will email an invoice to be paid promptly via major credit cards, PayPal, or bank transfer.

I respect your privacy and the ownership of your work. Your writing will be kept strictly confidential. I will not share your files with third parties unless you authorize me to do so.