I will put my eye to work for you to carefully and thoroughly correct grammatical errors that include punctuation, capitalization, spelling, missing words, subject/verb agreement, paragraphing, and auto-correct errors. You can expect to receive your corrected document promptly. If I need additional clarification while proofreading, I will be in contact. 

I follow the Chicago Manual of Style and Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary as primary proofreading sources. I am happy to adhere to your specific style requirements as well.

Proofreading is the final step in the writing process after editing. Editing may require significant changes in sentence construction, clarity of thought, and readability. I will also edit your work upon your request and for an additional charge. I welcome your submissions that include, but are not limited to your:

résumé cover letter manuscript term paper ad copy
blog newsletter website brochure essay


I look forward to serving you!